Unmatched Quality

Quality is the highest form of value. We don’t sell just anything, because when our customers want the best, we’re committed to going beyond their expectations.

Selling Good.

Our quality standards ensure that the food, supplements, body care and cleaning products we sell meet a higher standard — one that bans more than 400 ingredients commonly found in other stores as well as numerous manufacturing, farming, fishing and ranching practices that don’t measure up.

Animal Welfare
We not only have standards for the freshness and quality of our meat and poultry, we have standards for how animals are raised. That includes no antibiotics, ever, and no growth hormones.
Sustainable Seafood
Our seafood department sources from responsibly managed fish farms and fisheries. We aim to help maintain healthy fish populations, restore ecosystems and build a more sustainable seafood supply for everyone.
Greener Cleaners
There aren’t regulations for listing ingredients on cleaning products. So we made our own. Even our lowest-rated products far exceed the ingredient standards you’ll find anywhere else.

Whole Trade ®

We’ve offered fair trade products for decades. But in 2007, we created our own Whole Trade Guarantee to highlight our commitment to ethical trade, working conditions and the environment, while also meeting our standards for high quality products.