The Keepers of Quality 

We build and maintain the legendary quality commitments for which Whole Foods Market is known. We ensure that our shoppers get the high-quality products that they expect from us. That means we set the rules and keep our eye on all the moving parts — from farm or sea to supplier to store. We set the bar high and we’re continouslyraising it. Ready to join us as industry leaders?
Corporate Team Member

Some of Our Teams

Retail Operations
Supports stores with food-safety training, incident-management, best practices and guidance for third-party audits and regulations.
Quality Standards
Works with internal and external parties to develop and communicate our standards and policies for product sourcing and ingredients.
Supplier Operations
Provides onsite assessment, technical support and compliance guidance for our suppliers, focusing on onboarding and food safety.
Information Management
Manages supplier onboarding, compliance and product lifecycle systems with process design and reporting.
Innovation and Quality
Researches and analyzes industry trends, nutrition, attributes and safety to develop private label product specifications and testing.

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