Internships at Whole Foods Market

Internships with a Purpose

At Whole Foods, the work you do as an intern can give back to the community, world, and environment.
​​​​​​​You’ll work on projects that matter — no matter what department you’re in.

Be a Force for Good

Our purpose is to nourish people and the planet. Our three foundations: Whole Planet, Whole Cities, and Whole Kids all work to make the world a better place. No matter where you work in this company, you will help better the lives of people locally and globally.

Impactful, Hands-On Experience

Instead of refilling everyone's coffee, you will be responsible for leading projects that have real, long-lasting impact. You will learn industry-specific skills and apply them to your projects. Since you will be able to help shape your goals, the sky is the limit for you here.

Team Member working on computer

More Than an Internship

During your internship with us, you will take part in virtual events to strengthen your resume and propell your career. These events include: leadership speaker events, workshops, tours, and networking with other interns and Team Members across a multitude of departments.

Hear From Past Interns

Useful Throughout My Career

“What I've enjoyed learning about most has been the real estate side of Whole Foods Market. Very interesting and useful, and something that will serve me throughout the rest of my career!”

-Rose G
Legal Intern
Making the World Better 

“Before my internship, I had no idea about Whole Foods Market’s microloan system and the impact it has around the world. I think it's awesome that WFM is always trying to make the world a better place!”

-Anthony P
Indirect Procurement Intern
Took Me Under Their Wing

“During my internship, my team took me under their wing. They guided and nurtured me to become more confident in my work and to become better every day as a young professional."

-Gabby O
Indirect Procurement Intern
Skill-Building Experiences

"The project I'm working on requires learning a lot of skills that I've had on my to-do list for a while, so it's exciting to finally get these experiences under my belt!"

-Mary Abbe B
Data Science Intern
Best Way to Spend a Summer

"Being an intern at Whole Foods was the best way that I could have spent my summer. I was given a say in the types of projects that I worked on. I feel equipped for a career in business analytics." 

-Elizabeth R

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