Whole Benefits

Benefits are more than pay, time off and pensions. We believe they should be more holistic – supporting every aspect of your life. See how we can better your life at Whole Foods Market.

Physical Health
Physical Health
t’s a fact – you’re a happier, more productive person when your body feels 100%. We give you access to everything you need to stay in tip-top shape.
Mental and Spiritual Health
Mental and Spiritual Health
Our health insurance provides comprehensive mental health services. In addition, employees and their family members have access to a free employee assistance program.
Financial Health
We have a history of rewarding great work. There’s a reason we were one of the first grocers to set minimum pay far higher than our competitors.

Make a Difference

It feels good to come to work knowing what you do makes the world better. From our game-changing foundations to our legendary quality standards, you’ll be on the frontlines of inspiring change and growth in your community.

Growing Our Communities

We aren’t just a grocery store. We’re world-changers. From planting gardens in schools to giving micro loans to people in developing countries, working with us means you make a difference worldwide.
commitment at whole foods
Legendary Quality at Whole Foods

Legendary Quality

Since we opened our first store in 1980, we’ve been dedicated to selling the highest quality natural and organic foods. We’ve pioneered quality standards that have forever altered how people think about food. We’re excited for you to continue that legacy.
Good for health at whole foods

Growing Something Good

As a part of the Amazon family, we’re at the forefront of changing the grocery landscape yet again. We share a passion for industry-leading quality and service, and the opportunity to take our mission to the next level has never been greater.