Midwest Regional President Due Dilligence

After applying for the role🔲

Digital Video Responses                                                                                                                                                         

Andres Traslavina will reach out to each of you individually to schedule a time for this. Results will be shared with the panel, as well with the regional leadership. 

Hogan Assessment                                                                                                                                                                   

Once you become an official candidate, you will receive a code to complete the Hogan assessment.  If you have already completed the Hogan, you will not be required to take it again. 

After being selected as a final panel candidate

1. Candidates to speak with all members of the RP interview panel 

RP Midwest Panel Members

  1. Rich Wolf RVP, MW
  2. Karen Schultz EC TMS, MW
  3. Gary Macdonald  EC Product, MW
  4. Larry Austin  STL MDT
  5. Randi Dawson ASTL, CWE
  6. Dawn McLaughlin Produce Coordinator
  7. Gerald Perry DC TL, DCM
  8. Dan Blackburn EC, Ops
  9. Veronica Trentin ASLTL, Canada YNG
  10. Zubair Raufi TM, LKV
  11. John Mackey CEO. *Note: John will not be doing diligence with candidates
  12. Jason Buechel COO
  13. Rob Twyman EVP, Ops
  14. Karen Christensen SVP, Perishable Purchasing
  15. Angela Lorenzen RP PN Region 

RP Midwest Panel Members

Rich Wolff
RVP Midwest
Karen Schultz
EC TMS Midwest
Gary McDonald
EC Product Midwest
Larry Austin