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Application Process

How do I search for positions?

You’re in luck – we created a career-search experience tailored just for you. There are multiple ways to find careers:

  • There’s a search bar at the top of every page. Type in a department, location or specific role and we’ll show you careers related to that search.
  • Click the “Search Careers” link in the menu to go straight to all our career listings.
  • Visit our locations page to find careers in specific areas.
  • Some pages have areas to sign in to LinkedIn. If you click the button to sign in, we’ll show you jobs custom-tailored to your career experience.

How do I know what position is right for me?

We suggest browsing careers and saving ones that interest you. Then, go through those careers and find the ones you have the most experience in. Additionally, if you sign in with LinkedIn we can suggest jobs for you based on your career experience.

How do I make my application stand out?

Complete your application to its entirety even if you’re attaching a resume. It helps showcase interest and effort, but also makes it easier for us to recognize why you’re so great! Additionally, think of ways outside of submitting an application to stand out. One person created a webpage and video specifically for a role and sent it to us. Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond.

Do I need a cover letter?

Sometimes resumes don't tell the whole story. Use your cover letter to talk about things you can't convey in a resume. It’s not required, but it’s a great way to showcase your passion, interest and what makes you a great candidate!

How do I apply for positions?

Click on a career that interests you, then click the “Apply” button at the top or bottom of the description.

Can I submit a resume in-person?

You sure can! It’s a great way to get face-to-face time with a hiring manager. However, you’ll still need to submit a resume online. We only consider applicants that apply online.

My resume is out of date. Do I need to attach it?

You don’t. But attaching a resume is strongly encouraged (especially for leadership positions). If you make it to the interview steps, it helps us to have your full resume to share with hiring managers.

I need a work permit to work in the United States. Will you sponsor me?

While each case is considered individually, in general we do not offer sponsorship other than for hard to fill positions.

I really want to work here but don’t see any careers that fit me. What should I do?

Relax, have a kale smoothie (optional), and sign up for our career alerts. We post new careers every day, and we’ll alert you when ones that interest you appear.

Can I apply to multiple jobs?

You sure can. But don’t go overboard. Applying for more than one job is a great idea, but applying for too many shows you may not know what you want to do. Carefully read descriptions and decide which jobs best fit your skillset and focus on those.

I wanted to apply for a position that I saw here, but now it's not listed. May I still apply?

Unfortunately, no. We leave roles open as long as we can to ensure we get the right candidate. But once we close the role, it means we’ve made a decision.

Do you offer disability accommodations?

As an equal opportunity employer, Whole Foods Market is committed to a diverse workforce and is also committed to a barrier-free employment process. Individuals that require accommodation in the job application process for a posted position may contact us at ADAassistance@wholefoods.com for assistance.

Post Application Process

What happens after I submit my application?

Your journey begins! Within 24 hours, you should see an email saying we received your application. We'll also give you next steps and provide some tips to help you with our interview process.

How do I get an update on the status of my application?

Simply click on the “Returning Users” link in the main menu, sign in, and you’ll be able to see the status of your application.

I haven’t heard back in a few days. What should I do?

Depending on the role, it can take a few weeks to find the right candidates. We try to reach out at least once a week to let you know where we are in the process, but understand that hundreds and sometimes thousands of people apply for a single career opportunity.

Will I be considered for other positions when applying for a specific position?

Occasionally a candidate will be referred for another position than the ones for which they've applied. However, you will generally be considered only for the position(s) you applied to.

I wasn’t selected for a position. What do I do now?

Don’t give up! Our acceptance rate is lower than Harvard’s. It’s very competitive to get a career here. But take the opportunity to find other careers revamp your resume and cover letter. Just because you didn’t get this position doesn’t mean you’ll never work with us.

Will you let me know if a position I applied to is filled?

If you aren't selected for a position, we'll notify you via email or phone. 

Interview Process

They asked me to do Due Diligence. What is that?

The Due Diligence process is a unique part of our interview path. This process prepares candidates for the panel interview and allows them to piece together a comprehensive picture of the job through connecting with key business partners (subordinates, peers, and leadership) that candidates would work with directly if they were to get the job they are applying for.

Preparation consists of familiarizing yourself with our core values, visiting the store (or calling Team Members) and assessing a department’s performance, strengths and opportunities. You’ll start by emailing the people given to you by your recruiter, then set up a time to meet.

This is your opportunity to chat with them; to ask them what their expectations of the role are and how they would like to see you run the department; to get panel interview preparation suggestions, insights, expectation etc.

Maximize your time spent with Team Members and key partners by developing relationships and asking pertinent questions. Remember, they are making themselves available to you in an effort to help you best prepare for your panel interview.

Do you offer relocation assistance?

It depends on the role. Our advice it to apply to a position without assuming relocation is involved. We will generally ask if you’ll be relocating for that position – that’s the perfect time for you to talk about relocation assistance.

What is Whole Foods Market interview process?

Our interview process is unique. For more information about that, visit our “Process” page.

How should I dress for interviews?

Leave the suit and tie at home – business casual works just fine here.

What is the “panel interview” process?

The panel interview is the most unique part of our interview process. We’re a family here, and being part of that family means working well together and maintaining our culture. Conducting panel interviews is our way of making sure we’ll all fit together.

It occurs when a hiring manager has narrowed the field down to 2-4 candidates for the open position (so if you’re reading this to prepare for your panel, congrats!). Your panel will consist of 3-8 direct and indirect peers. In this group-style interview, everyone on the panel will ask questions to see how you’ll fit in the role and on the team. At the end of the panel, everyone will vote on who will join our team!

It's more than acceptable to reach out before a panel and ask what to expect, what you'll be discussing, and what concerns (if any) they might have. We want you to do well in a final round interview -- it's not our last chance to stump you. Prepare for questions that they will ask based on what the previous conversations you’ve had during due diligence.

What are some interview tips you can give me?

We can give you a whole bunch:

  • In your interviews, focus on culture, teamwork and your passion for the company. Leading with that versus "Here’s what I can do!" is our ideal candidate.
  • Read everything on our site -- specifically our core values. They drive a lot of what we do around here and how we do things, so it is important to be familiar with them.
  • Be able to answer, "Why Whole Foods Market?" It's asked in every interview, and it's a big way we distinguish candidates from one another.
  • Send a brief and sincere thank you note or email after an interview detailing why you're excited, citing specifics from the call. Not only is it a kind gesture, but it shows your interest in the job.
  • Be transparent. We do our due diligence, so stretching the truth or withholding vital information will go poorly for you. If you ever have any sticking points, be upfront and we'll work through them.
  • Your panel interview will be with people you work with directly AND indirectly. Be ready to speak to how you can help further Whole Foods Market of outside your own department.
  • If you are presenting a project, please be prepared ahead of time. Have everything set up, bring a backup USB drive and practice before the presentation.
  • Research our company, research what's been happening to us lately in the news, research new initiatives or products we're introducing to the public, and research the person you are interviewing so you can connect with them. It's all available for you to find.
  • If you are interviewing on the phone or Skype, make sure you’re in a quiet spot with reliable reception or internet connection. Nothing can derail an interview more than constant background noise or apologizing for dropping in and out of the interview.

Is the interview process the same for everyone?

Depending on the position, the sourcing, recruiting, and selection processes may vary. You may go through several application steps, including but not limited to: online application; phone screening; one-on-one interviews with the hiring manager; and/or panel interviews, which consist of a group of prospective colleagues and Team Members from related areas.

For some Global Support roles, we also administer tests to assess specific skills. Taking candidates through these steps helps to ensure the selection of well-rounded Team Members who possesses the right combination of talent, skills, and most importantly, ability to fit into Whole Foods Market culture.

Do I get bonus points for reading this FAQ?

You do not. However, you’ll be light years ahead of everyone else applying. You know exactly what we’re looking for, which gives you a leg up on the competition.


What benefits does Whole Foods Market offer?

We offer a lot of benefits, and we like to think of them as "Whole Benefits" because we take care of you in multiple ways (and we love clever wordplay).

For more on that, visit our "Benefits" page. 

What is your vacation policy?

Most full-time Team Members starts with one week of paid time off. Over time, you build up more days based on your seniority. Additionally, since we have a diverse Team Member base, many salaried Team Members get floating holidays instead of set holidays off. You can use those days on any holiday you choose to celebrate.

If you are applying for a salaried position, ask your recruiter about time off benefits.

How does Whole Foods Market help me save for the future?

All Team Members are auto-enrolled in a 401k plan after six months at the company, which incrementally increases the amount you save the longer you participate in the program. 

Currently, we do not offer matching 401k.

I heard about gainsharing. What is that?

We reward store Team Members for being productive and working as a team. When a store outperforms expectations, Team Members are rewarded for that financially.

​​​​​​​At the corporate level, the gainsharing program is replaced by quarterly bonuses. For salaried positions, you may be eligible to receive a bonus based on your performance.

Do I get stock options?

As of now, no. When we were acquired by Amazon, all Whole Foods Market shares were paid out and discontinued.


If I work at  Whole Foods Market, will I be an Amazonian?

You'll actually be both an Amazonian and a Whole Foods Team Member! We're still  Whole Foods Market, but we have the backing and support of our Amazon co-workers.

What if I work at Amazon and want to apply to  Whole Foods Market? Can I do that?

You can! We're working on building a seamless way for Amazonians to come to Whole Foods Market, and vice versa. Talk with your local HR rep to learn more.

What changed with the Amazon acquisition?

Lots, but in a good way. We're still  Whole Foods Market, and we still sell the highest quality natural and organic products to our customers around the world. But behind the scenes, we now have tremendous resources from Amazon to continue to change the grocery landscape.