The Interview Process

Store Positions Team Member Positions
Depending on the role, you will hear from the Team Lead or Hiring Manager to schedule an in-person interview.

Store Leadership
If you are applying for a leadership position, you may hear from one of our recruiters to schedule a screening call. If you make it further in the process, the team will schedule a panel interview with you and up to 6 current Team Members.
Corporate Positions Screening
Depending on the position, you may receive an invitation to take a skills assessment or complete a virtual interview. You might also chat with one of our recruiters - this is your opportunity to ask more questions about the position, benefits, and hear about Whole Foods Market culture from the team.

Talk To The Hiring Team
If you move on, you will speak to the hiring team to learn more about the team dynamic, what your day-to-day would look like, and how you would fit into the organization should you get the job. 

Panel Interview
Congrats! You've made it to the panel interview. This is a unique process at Whole Foods Market. You have an opportunity to meet the team, avoid repeat questions from multiple rounds of interviews, and see how the team collaborates together. We know it can be a little nerve racking to walk into a room of multiple people, so just be yourself! 
Tips For Interviewing Why Do You Want To Work At Whole Foods Market?
We always ask this question. We want to understand what drove you to apply for a Whole Foods Market position and how both you and the company can benefit by you becoming a Team Member. 

Know Our Core Values
These six values are the cornerstone of our company culture and the reason we do what we do. We look for passionate and purpose-driven individuals who can continue to bring these values to life and drive our vision even further into the future.

Prepare Questions Ahead Of Time
Remember that this is also your chance to interview us. Make sure you will be getting as much from being a Team Member as we would having you on the team by coming prepared with questions about our culture, the position itself, and even the team dynamic. This will show you are prepared and have a general understanding of what the position requires.