When customers walk into Whole Foods Market, they’re wowed. We create a unique, memorable shopping experience every time they walk through the door. That doesn’t happen without you. Click the button to see store jobs near you.


Our store bakeries are popular destinations for a good reason. We bake the highest-quality, most delicious goods in the land. You’ll be the artisan behind crave-worthy cakes, beautiful artisan breads, glorious pies, wholesome muffins and cookies for every occasion, just to name a few.


Grocery? Isn’t the whole place a “grocery store?” Yep. But here, the grocery department means all of the packaged, dairy and bulk products in the middle of the store. We carry everything to live a healthier life, and you’ll be in charge of keeping these products on the shelves.


Ever dreamed of leading a team? What about one that’s just as passionate as you about healthy living? We want talented people like you to lead our stores and departments full of aspirational, driven Team Members.


Shopping for meat and meat products shouldn’t be a guessing game. In our meat department, you’ll be the customer’s right-hand for picking out the best cut for their needs. And you’ll even give some spot-on cooking tips, too.

Prepared Foods

Did you know chefs are leaving restaurants to come work at Whole Foods Market? Our prepared foods are staple meals for lunch-goers and dining-enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re a seasoned chef looking for more work/life balance, different hours or an up-and-comer looking to break into the industry, Whole Foods Market is your home.


The quality of produce is simply second to none. Plus, the aesthetics are mesmerizing – it’s the first department our customers see, and for good reason. And it’s up to you to oversee that “wow” moment, stocking the best, freshest produce available.


: Are you ready to hold the title of “fishmonger?” In the seafood department, you’re the go-to expert to help customers choose the right sustainable, wild-caught seafood and provide cooking tips to make their experience even more memorable.

Specialty (Beer, Wine, Cheese)

You’re the expert. The one who can recommend an IPA over an EPA. Or a chardonnay vs a sauvignon blanc. Or the perfect cut of cheese to pair with a Pinot. You’re passionate about that flawless recommendation, and our customers love you for it.

Store Support

You make our stores go. From cashiers and stockers to sanitation and store graphic artists, you’re the heartbeat of our stores. The work you do is the backbone of our company, and without you the lights don’t turn on.

Whole Body

While others may talk about clean beauty and personal care, we really mean it. We believe that what goes on your body is as important as what goes into it. You care deeply about clean beauty and want to spread that passion and knowledge to others.