Culinary Careers

Food is at the center of our values, mission, and culture.

"Whole Foods Market is proud to be an industry leader, and we are excited about our future growth. Our culinary teams are at the core of our business, providing high-quality and nourishing food to customers across the US, UK, and Canada."
-Jeff T., Senior VP, Global Culinary Procurement and Operations
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Prepared Foods If you're looking to work with a wide array of cuisines and high quality ingredients, you've come to the right place! Develop critical food prep skills across a variety of venues including our legendary hot bar, deli, soup bar, catering, rotisserie, pizza, and more! This is a great place to get your foot in the door to the culinary world. 
Bakery This department always smells like freshly baked bread and is home to the most creative seasonal cupcakes around. If coffee is your thing, our Bakery department also includes the coffee bar. So, whether your focus is savory or sweet, you will find that there are many opportunities to rise to the top in Bakery! 
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Specialty This department is our most decadent! From cheese, chocolate, packaged coffee, charcuterie boards, to beer and wine. What's not to love? If you're interested in learning even more about cheese, we can help you prepare to become a Certified Cheese Professional through the American Cheese Society! 
Meat Interested in working with different species and cuts? In this department, you will have the chance to hone meat-cutting practices and become an expert in our quality and animal welfare standards. We also have a 12-month Butcher Apprentice program in select stores to expediate your learning! 
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Recipes for a Great Career

Work with the Best Ingredients
We're known for our fresh, high-quality ingredients (check out our Quality Standards). You will get to work hands-on with these ingredients every day. 
Areas of Focus
In Prepared Foods, there is the opportunity to specialize in Hot Bar, Rotisserie, Deli, Production, Pizza, and more! In Bakery, there are Lead Baker, Cake Decorator, and Scratch Baker roles. 
Unique and Diverse Recipes
We have our own team of innovators that determine new culinary offerings that coincide with changing seasons and evolving customer preferences. You get to bring these recipes to life. 
Recipe Contests
We have recently introduced seasonal culinary contests where we empower Team Members to submit their ideas for a specific craft (like pizza, wraps, and seasonal cake decor).
Greater Work-Life Balance
Get many of the perks of working in a restaurant without the grueling, unpredictable shift times. We make our schedules three weeks in advance so you can plan accordingly! 

Career Growth Opportunities

Team & Store Each deparment has Supervisor, Team Trainer, Associate Team Leader, and Team Leader roles. We even have Career Development Programs to help you get to the next level. We also offer training for store leadership roles. 
Chef de Partie In select stores, we offer the Chef de Partie position. This role in our Prepared Foods department is equivalent to an Associate Team Leader role, but with a greater focus on culinary craftsmanship. 
Other Teams If you're looking to venture beyond Prepared Foods and Bakery, we have programs in our Meat Department (Butcher Apprentice Program) and Specialty Department (Certified Cheese Professional) to get you trained and/or certified in other crafts. 
Regional & Global We also have Regional and Global culinary teams focused on new programs, craftsmanship, and recipe innovation!

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